Blue Velvet; title sequence

Re-design of the title sequence David Lynch’s masterpiece ‘Blue Velvet’ (1986) a mystery
thriller that contrasts the perfect exterior of a 1950’s America including red roses, white picket
fences & friendly conversation with that of the dark & sinister underworld that hides in
the shadows of the world & within ourselves.

Re-positioning ‘Blue Velvet’ in a more contemporary sense, the process of applying make
up becomes a very literal metaphor for covering an underlying surface that we want to
hide away from the world. In much the same way that Lynch captured a sense of subversive
underworld within a sexual context, the new opening sequence evokes this sense as we
head forward the from the light to the dark, or so it may seem.

 Madlib; Shades of Blue

The music is ‘Distant Land’ from the album ‘Shades of Blue’ by Madlib, a series of contemporary
blue note jazz remix’s, setting a dark emotional tone while maintaining a modern feel.

 Title Stills
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